Slack Is Now Empowering The Most Effective Recruiting Channel: Referrals

On this day, 27th February 2017, Firstbird, one of Europe’s leading solutions for employee referrals is available as an App for Slack. The new Firstbird App for Slack empowers companies to integrate their referral program even deeper into their organization.  Slack users receive updates from Firstbird through their messenger, about new job vacancies that are standing-by for referrals, or notifications on highlights and achievements such as when a friend applies in response to their share on Facebook.

“Referrals are the most effective recruiting channel out there and by integrating with Slack , we can guarantee a seamless referral process that keeps every stakeholder up-to-date.”

Arnim Wahls, CEO of Firstbird

Slack is the leading business communication tool for companies of all shapes and sizes.It makes it even easier to engage with the entire team in the hiring process as teams can chat and interact via public channels that are accessible for everyone in the company. Additionally, they can exchange messages through Slack’s private channels. Today, almost eight years since their launch, Slack has recorded approximately 4 Million daily active users who also have noticed a 50% decrease in internal email flooding.

About Firstbird

Firstbird is trusted by over 1.500 companies worldwide, who not only consider it to be an effective recruiting tool, but also a software designed to continuously motivate and reinforce their teams. When using this innovative platform, employees can share job openings via social networks, provide feedback on candidates to alleviate recruiting decisions and get rewarded for successful hires.

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